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Welcome to RTC Secure Online Payment

Instructions/guidelines for using this secure payment portal.

Click here to Watch video on “How to Make Payment Online”.

Please read carefully the following steps for using this payment portal:
  1. Home page:
    • For Student Fees Payment, choose “Student Fees Payment” from the dropdown option.
    • Enter your RTC enrollment number (6-digits number) and DOB, then click Submit.
  2. Outstanding Dues page:
    • Reconfirm the student enrollment number, name of student, and outstanding dues. There is also an option to
      update your contact information (phone number) and email address to which the payment receipt will be emailed.
    • Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your bank account to proceed further, and Click Pay Now.
  3. Payment Gateway page:
    • Select your bank, enter your bank account number, and click “Continue”.
    • You will receive an OTP pin to the mobile number registered with your bank. Please note that this OTP pin will be active only for a few minutes (<7mins) for security purposes.
    • Enter the OTP pin in the field provided and click Make payment to process the payment. This may take a few
      seconds, and once the Make payment button is clicked, please do not close the page.
  4. Receipt & Transaction Details for successful payments:
    • Once the payment is successful, you will see an online money receipt.
    • The money receipt will be emailed automatically to the respective email ids.
    • You can also print or download the money receipt by clicking the button “Print” / “Download”.
    • Please note that current students can view past semesters’ money receipts by logging into the student / parent / guardian’s portal – results.rtc.bt.